Stylish Picnics in Barcelona & Ibiza – Page 2 – Straws 'n Berries Picnics
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      Stylish Picnics

      Enjoy a delicious picnic, wherever your heart desires.

      Do you want to see Barcelona from a different view? Book a boat trip with us!! Enjoy the view, while the skipper is showing you the beautiful coastline of Barcelona. While sailing there is of course the possibility to stop and...

      From €60,00

      Gift one of our gift cards to friends of family so they can choose when they want to celebrate their own special moment!


      DIY Beach Picnic Ibiza   Are you visiting Ibiza and still looking for a delicious and beautiful activity? We’ve got it for you. How about a stylish picnic, coming with an amazing set up and delicious foods? We deliver all...