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      We LOVE love and were all here for romantic getaways. And you know what a great place is to spend a romantic holiday with your lover, you guessed it…. MARBELLA. Which is why we want to tell you all about the cutest and most romantic date ideas in Marbella, for you to surprise your lover and have the most romantic getaway ever. Of course, a romantic picnic in Marbella is already an amazing date idea, but we want to tell you some more romantic ideas. So, keep reading for all the date ideas to make your holiday to Marbella perfect.


      1. A romantic beach picnic

      Kind off speaks for itself, right? Have you not seen all of the romantic picnics on our Instagram? Imagine that on one of the gorgeous beaches of Marbella. PERFECT! So, a romantic picnic in Marbella should definitely be on your lists of activities.


      1. Beach walk during sunset

      Just imagine, you’ve just finished your romantic beach picnic on one of the beautiful beaches of Marbella, and now the sun starts setting, and you and your lover take a romantic stroll along the coast. Who does not want that, right?


      1. Getting lost in the small streets of Marbella Old Town

      Old Town Marbella sounds like everything an old town should be: narrow streets, windowsills bursting with blooms., just the feeling of the simple pleasures in life. Start in Plaza de los Naranjos and explore the rest from there. Strolling around this charming Old Town is definitely a very romantic thing to do. After exploring, sit and enjoy some Andalusian wine in the square and watch the day go by.


      1. Horse riding over the beach of Marbella

      O M G… Also speaks for itself, right? How romantic would it be for you and your lover to be horse riding during sunset, over the stunning beaches of Marbella. Sounds pretty romantic to us. The Stables Estepona offers everything you need!


      1. Sail away on a luxurious yacht

      There’s nothing as luxurious as hanging out on your own private yacht. We’ve always wanted to explore by boat, and Marbella seems like the perfect place to charter a vessel. There are options for sailing boats, power boats, and catamarans, and the various yacht charter companies such as Nautica Marbella, offer all kinds of luxury features and upgrades. We’re picturing watching the sunset over the water with a delicious cocktail in our hands. Sigh….


      1. Explore the exciting nightlife of Marbella

      A romantic holiday involves a lot of time spent just the two of you, but in the evenings, it’s time to get out and explore the thrills outside your hotel room! Marbella has a lot to offer in the way of nightlife. You can certainly go dancing at one of the many clubs, and Puerto Banus is a huge party spot, but be sure to make time to attend a traditional flamenco show as well!


      1. Explore Marbella in a different way from a helicopter tour

      One of the coolest things to do near Marbella is to take a helicopter tour. Not only is riding in a helicopter seriously fun, you’ll see the Costa del Sol from an entirely new angle. The spectacular water and beaches look amazing from above, plus, this is a unique and special experience…. Exactly what a romantic trip deserves.


      1. Get pampered in a spa or at an Arabic hammam

       Of course, when you’re on a romantic getaway with your lover there is no stress in sight ;). But you don’t need to be stressed to have an excuse to go to the spa! Enjoy a delicious and relaxing day with you hubby in one of the beautiful spas or Arabic baths Marbella has to offer.


      1. Wine tasting tour to Ronda

      A wine tasting tour on a vineyard in Ronda is a nice surprise. The trip also offers excellent mountain scenery and a strong contrast to the coast. Many tour operators offer wine tasting routes, including transport.


      We hoped to have given you an idea of what you and your lover can do in Marbella for your romantic getaway, and maybe now you have an excuse to finally go there. We hope to see you for a beautiful picnic in Marbella! <3

      Straws 'n Berries is coming to Marbella!

      Straws 'n Berries is coming to Marbella!

      After two succesfull years in Barcelona & Ibiza we decided (and had some extra time thanks to Covid) to expand. 
      For a little while we have been working behind the scenes on bringing Straws ‘n Berries to a new location in Spain. After receiving many requests for picnics in this location, we finaaaaaally listened to you. A lot of you speculated on our Instagram already, and a couple of you already guessed it……. Are you ready??? 


      Straws' n Berries is coming to MARBELLA!


      Before we tell you about what you can expect from us and where we will be providing picnics, we would like to introduce you to Daphne, our Straws 'n Berries host in Marbella. Daphne will ensure that every picnic you book in Marbella will be an unforgettable and unique experience!


      Our Marbella picnic host is Daphne, a Dutchie living in Spain for over 10 years. 


      'Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of traveling, learning and seeing the world thanks to my various jobs in hospitality.

      Dubai, Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza and Amsterdam have been my favourite places so far.

      I would like to introduce you to Marbella in the Costa del Sol part of Andalucía which is in the south of Spain. 

      I have to say there are few places like Andalusia that are filled with great people, a lot of sun, amazing beaches and delicious food! 

      My aim is to give you a feeling of the Andalusian roots through our sophisticated picnics. 

      For those who come to Marbella or surroundings I encourage you, to get know us.  We can prepare a picnic for you on the beach, in the mountains or in any corner of this beautiful land, feel and get to know the Andalusia through Straws 'n Berries'


      Where can you find us? A picnic can be booked anywhere between Marbella and Malaga, whether you want to surprise your loved one with a picnic in the city-park of Malaga, at the beach in Torremolinos or we come to set up at your terrace or garden.

      Why did we choose Marbella? The weather is very picnic friendly most of the time; Costa del Sol, which is the area around Marbella and Malaga, has a Mediterranean climate, which means that they have hot, dry summers and short and mild winters. January is the 'coldest' month, but even then, it's an average of 14 degrees. So, always warm enough to enjoy a picnic! In every town they also have a market every day, from local products to designers.

      Marbella is a city with a very high level of luxury and has been nicknamed 'Saint-Tropez of Spain'. Take a walk through the marina, you will be amazed with one yacht bigger than the other. Also, the luxury shops are not to be missed. You can do some serious (window) shopping. Marbella has more than twenty sandy beaches for you to relax and get your tan on. But of course, there are plenty of restaurants with delicious food! Marbella has a beautiful old centre, Casco Antiguo. Don't miss out on this, it’s beauuutiful!!

      Did you know that Picasso was born in Malaga? Malaga has more than 25 different museums, with the Picasso museum being one of them. When you visit the beach, you will find many restaurants selling grilled sardines, since they are very popular. It's very convenient that the beach is only a 10-minute walk from the city centre. Just like Marbella there are many shops you can visit in Malaga as the city has plenty of nice boutiques. The last thing you really shouldn't forget to visit is Alcazaba & Gibralfaro. The fort Alcazaba was built in the 11th century and Castillio de Gibralfaro in the 14th/15th century. These highlights are wonderful to visit, so be sure to visit them! All in all, a great place to go and also many lovely picnic spots!

      Originally Torremolinos was a fishing village, but now it is a very popular place to celebrate your holiday. Aside from the beaches we really love Battery Park. In this park you will find the Mirador Tower. This tower is about 15 meters high, so from above you have a beautiful view and it's also a lovely place for a picnic.

       Are you celebrating your birthday, or do you have a bachelorette party to organize? We are happy to help! Book a picnic with us and we will take care of the food, the picnic set up and the decoration, all to your taste. All you have to do is to bring your friends or family! 

       Orrrr are you finally ready to make the long-awaited proposal? There is no better way to do that than with a picnic. The complete set up, including a nice bottle of cava and the necessary flower petals, we take care of it! Success guaranteed ;)


      Soooo where are you waiting for???


      See you in Marbella or surroundings ;)))