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      Is Barcelona de beste plek voor een vrijgezellenfeest?

      Hen Party Barcelona

      Well, Barcelona for sure is an amazing place to go, and when organising a hen party - yes I know this can be very stressful - the more help you can get the better! 

      For hen parties you usually have a group of girls that don’t necessarily all know each other, therefore it's not an easy but super fun task for the hen party planner.

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      Elopement bruiloft in Barcelona

      Elopement weddings in Barcelona
      Elopement weddings are becoming more popular! Barcelona is the perfect place to have an intimate and private wedding. In this blog, you will read how an elopement wedding is different than a "normal" wedding and who is organising this in Barcelona. For more info contact us at: info@strawsnberries.com.

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      De beste picknick locatie voor jouw vrijgezellenfeest in Barcelona!

      Top picnic locations for your hen party in Barcelona!
      Are you are organising a hen party in Barcelona or you want to have a stylish activity for your birthday? A picnic with Straws 'n Berries is the perfect activity and we would like to share with you some spots in Barcelona where you can have a nice picnic this summer.

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