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      Stylish Picnics

      Enjoy a delicious picnic, wherever your heart desires.

      Take your pool side party to the next level, as we bring you the ultimate luxury... A floating picnic table in your swimming pool!Our unique design provides you with a fun way to eat and socialise. The table comfortably provides enough...


      Having a party at your home or office? With our grazing platters and tables you will for sure have happy guests.  Each food platter includes a ‘Straws ’n Berries’ coordinator to come to the event, they will bring and set up an...


      Are you a hands on kind of person but you just don't have the gear? Well you can rent a picnic package from us and do the rest of the picnicking yourself. What's included per picnic pack per 24 hours: 2 Picnic tables...

      From €60,00

      Gift one of our gift cards to friends of family so they can choose when they want to celebrate their own special moment!


      DIY Beach Picnic Ibiza   Are you visiting Ibiza and still looking for a delicious and beautiful activity? We’ve got it for you. How about a stylish picnic, coming with an amazing set up and delicious foods? We deliver all...