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      Straws 'n Berries was founded in 2018 by Mayke & Babet, two Dutchies who moved to Barcelona several years ago. 

      Living in a very outdoorsy city many celebrations here are in picnic style. We saw the struggle in the organisation and while organising one of these picnics we put our heads together and thought "wouldn't it be an amazing service for the picnic to be set up and all you have to do is show up"

      So we googled if this was a thing...

      There was no other company in Spain doing catered picnic set ups.
      So we made it a thing!

      For the past years we have loved every second of catering to personalised events and creating very special moments and memories for people.

      To stay up to date and get a better glimpse into what we do, be sure to follow us on Instagram: @strawsnberriespicnics.