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      The best restaurants and cocktail bars for a hen party in Barcelona

      The best restaurants and cocktail bars for a hen party in Barcelona

      There are many restaurants and cocktail bars in Barcelona. 
      We collected a few hotspots which we think would be perfect for a birthday, bachelorette, hen party or any kind of party!
      Sensi - There are several Sensi restaurants in Barcelona. Sensi Bistro and Paz19 are both tapas restaurant in the center of the city. Sensi Bistro is a mix of Spanish tapas with a French twist while Paz19 is more influenced by the Mediterranean. Have a nice glass of cava or sangria and enjoy your dinner. 
      Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC) - The restaurant of the Carpe Diem Club has a great menu with Asiatic, Arab and Indian fusion dishes. Ask for a table outside and enjoy a nice view o the beach. The food and drinks are amazing! If you are with a large group of friends, then for dessert, you should take the “Dessert Board”. After dessert, you can go inside to continue the party!
      Gatsby Barcelona - This isn’t just a restaurant, its an experience. Enjoy dinner with a glamorous show. Make sure you reserve a table early because this place is popular! You can also go here to enjoy the cocktail bar. 
      Boca Grande - This restaurant has a very good menu with lots of seafood. The atmosphere is amazing and it’s perfect for large groups. During and after dinner you can choose some of the most spectacular cocktails from Boca Chica (which is the cocktail bar of the restaurant). This is probably the best cocktail bar in Barcelona!
      Other restaurants: Casa Rafols, El Disset Graus, Ikibana - best sushi, Bar Lobo - great for lunch, Mr. Porter, Pez vela - great seafood & Flax & kale -  best breakfast.
      Cocktail bars
      Paradiso - In this bar, you can enjoy the tastiest, spectacular cocktails. It is located inside the district “el born” which is in de center of Barcelona. There are many nice bars in this area. The interior of this bar is also very nice but is it not that Spanish. The cocktails cost around € 12.50 but that is totally worth it.
      Crepes al Born - A few minutes away from Paradiso, there is a bar called “Crepes al Born”. This bar is a little bit more Spanish style. They serve great cocktails and of course, you can eat delicious crepes! 
      Clubs: Opium, Razzmatazz, Jamboree, Bling bling
      Bars: Pax 49, Mr Robinson, Vermuteria Bonita, Clubhaus

      How to organise a baby shower in Barcelona...

      Babyshower Barcelona

      In Barcelona more and more baby showers are being organised where the "mommy to be" is put at the center of attention and where the pink and blue party items are an absolute must. In this blog, you can read everything you need to know about how to organise a baby shower in Barcelona.

      Most of the time a big or small group of friends of the future mom are present at the baby shower. In many cases, the mother and mother-in-law are also invited, usually, this is an all-girls event.

      Surprise your pregnant girlfriend by telling everyone to keep it a secret. 

      Create fun games and activities and make sure you start early with picking a date and organising the baby shower - group events usually need more planning than one normally anticipates. 

      Decorate the chosen venue in baby blue and baby pink however, if you already know the gender, then choose the color of the gender. In case you don't know the gender or incase its a gender reveal party, it is a fun idea to wear the colour of the gender you think it will be, this way everybody is in pink or blue which is also pretty for the pictures! 

      Fun game ideas:

      - Taste test> Buy a few jars of baby food and let everybody taste and guess what is in it. The one with the most correct ingredients wins!

      - Shit happens > Get a few baby diapers, fill them with for example peanut butter, Nutella, syrup etc. en let the guest lick it to guess what the "poop" is. 

      - Guess the name of the baby 

      - Wishes for the baby > make a list that the guest can fill in with there wishes for the baby

      - Place your bet > Bet on the arrival date

      - Mommy and daddy competition > Make a list with questions such as "Who will change the most diapers?" or "Who will spoil the baby the most?" the guest need to fill in Mom or Dad.

      - Guess that baby > Ask everybody to take a baby photo of them to the baby shower and guess each-others photo.  

      Think about what kind of food you would like to be served. You can serve lunch, high tea, snacks, dinner, whatever you want! But note that your pregnant girlfriend (s) can’t eat everything.

      A baby shower is usually given in the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. The "mommy to be" 

      now has a nice round belly but is still able to feel and move comfortably. It's the perfect time for a party!

      For more information about organising a baby shower with Straws ’n Berries you can send an email to info@strawsnberries.com.

      Is Barcelona the best place for a hen party?

      Is Barcelona the best place for a hen party?

      Well, Barcelona for sure is an amazing place to go, and when organising a hen party - yes I know this can be very stressful - the more help you can get the better! 

      For hen parties you usually have a group of girls that don’t necessarily all know each other, therefore it's not an easy but super fun task for the hen party planner. 

      The great thing about Barcelona is that Barcelona has it all! Everything you can possibly wish to do during a hen party weekend, you can find in Barcelona. The beach, the clubs, the shops and it's easy to get around and Barcelona is still relatively well priced. 

      Therefore, Barcelona is a great place to organise a hen party!

      Barcelona is one of those cities that you just get after a few hours, its not too big and after you’ve looked at the map for a little while you can figure out how to get where and you can find your bearings pretty soon. Which is perfect for a short trip! 

      And probably the most perfect thing about a hen party in Barcelona is that many many people have already walked that road and have created the perfect hen party weekend itinerary for you; Barcelona is waiting for you. Stuck for ideas? Not sure how to navigate yourself through the Spanish websites? Here a few ideas for your activities:

      Xventura - they offer a unique way of discovering the city through a super fun treasure hunt where you can compete with your friends and also get to know some history about the city. 

      Cake workshop Casa de pastel - These cakes and muffins and sweet treats are seriously delicious. 

      Cruising Barcelona Bike Tours - What's a better hangover cure then getting all the girls on a bike and seeing all the best sights in Barcelona? Your guide will also tell you all the best places to go for drinks…

      Boat Cruise Barcelona - Ultimate chill vibes are on a boat! 

      Paella & Sangria workshop - Let’s get Spanish! 

      & then, of course, there is our (www.strawsnberries.com) amazing picnic that is the perfect hen party activity when in Barcelona!

      And if you want to make it all even easier, you can just contact Barcelonas best hen party planner at ASG exclusive agency and she can organise the whole trip for you, - without any extra costs! 

      See you in Barcelona!!! 

      Elopement weddings in Barcelona

      Elopement weddings in Barcelona

      Elopement weddings are becoming more popular! Barcelona is the perfect place to have an intimate and private wedding. In this blog, you will read how an elopement wedding is different than a "normal" wedding and who is organising this in Barcelona.

      What is an Elopement wedding?

      Elopement means "running away". During an elopement wedding, it's all about the bride and groom. Of course, this is also the case during a "normal" wedding. The difference is that there are no other guests or a very select amount of guests. Most of the time the wedding is a secret. It's a very intimate way of celebrating and marring the love of your life.

      Nowadays a lot of people choose this type of wedding because of several reasons. Big weddings can be complicated and very expensive, this can cause stress and bridezilla's ;). Some people just don't feel like a traditional wedding suits them. Being in front of a lot of family and friends and being the center of attention is something you might do not like to be in. 

      Small weddings are also very popular but very often it’s still hard to find a date all the guests have time to gather, and in the end, the wedding ends up in an elopement.

      Elopement in Barcelona

      Barcelona has perfect venues and surroundings, it is almost always sunny and is, therefore, the perfect location for your elopement. There are agencies such as "Love in Barcelona” (www.loveinbarcelona.com), who can arrange everything you like! Such as a photographer, location and master of the ceremony. 

      An elopement wedding usually takes 4 hours, the rest of the day you can enjoy everything that Barcelona had to offer.  

      Elopment and Picnic in Barcelona

      We offer together with Valentina from Love in Barcelona a beautifully styled wedding picnic at the beach or any other location where its possible to have a romantic picnic for two.

      We love the idea of these kinds of weddings! What do you think?

      Five simple things to do while it rains in Barcelona

      Hen Party Picnic Barcelona

      Barcelona is lucky enough to have around 2,524 hours of sunshine every year! But, like most hot climates, when the rain comes it REALLY pours. 

      We’ve compiled our 5 Simple Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Barcelona. 


      Barcelona is home to some of the most famous artists the world has seen, Antonio Gaudí and Joan Miró, to name a few. So there’s no better way to familiarise yourself with Barcelona’s architectural influence on a rainy day than to visit a museum. Check out, Picasso Museum, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) or Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)

      Indoor Picnic 

      What better way to enjoy a rainy day in Barcelona than inside eating delicious food platters? The sound of the raindrops, while you swing on an indoor swing sipping on Born Rosé wine with a flower wall backdrop, is enough to make anyone relax!

      Straws n’ Berries offers the perfect solution to a rain-filled day in Barcelona, check out the range of food platters on offer here and secure yours now!                            

      Spa Day

      Another great thing to do when it’s raining in Barcelona is to hide away and get soaked... No, not in the rain, in a Spa of course! Barcelona is home to some of the best Spas in southern Europe. Ranging from Moroccan to Mayan, some of the best on offer include Aire Spa in Ciutat Vella, 43 The Spa @ Hotel Arts and Zen Zone Spa @ Gran Hotel La Florida! Those are not to be missed, and a must do if you find yourself running from the rainy days of Barcelona. 

      Bus Tour

      Now, this might not be the most obvious choice of thing on a miserable day in Barcelona. But, taking the hop-on hop-off bus tour can actually be one of the best ways to explore the city at your own pace. You’ll cut out all the queues as it’s not always the first choice when it’s raining, you can sit on the top deck (woo) because it has a cover! You’ll be taken around the city, no walking in the wet involved and learn about the entire history of the most important sights! 

      See A Concert!

      Another dry thing to do in Barcelona is to see a movie, but nobody wants to go to the movies on holiday, so why not visit the Palau De La Musica Catalana, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, still holds some of the most cultural musical performances in the world! An absolute must for anyone visiting Barcelona is to at least visit it, but on a cozy rainy day there’s something special about being this artistic masterpiece exploring some of the best musical art Catalunya has to offer! 

      If you have any other amazing ideas please share them with us....