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      Things to do in Barcelona with kids

      Things to do in Barcelona with kids

      Barcelona has a wide variety of kids activities. Below a list of activities that are great for visiting with kids.

      One of our favourites is the Cosmo Caixa. This is a science museum to stimulate people’s knowledge of science. You can do fun activities and go to the interactive exhibitions. It is educational and fun at the same time.

      Located in the Gothic Quarter, there is a fantastic Aquarium that also has a tunnel where you can see big sharks, moonfish, mantas and many other sea creatures. There are also many spaces where kids can play.

      Close to the Ciatudella Park there is a cute little chocolate museum. At Museu de la Xocolate your children can learn about the history of chocolate. The kids can see how the chocolate is made and you can walk around various sculptures made entirely of chocolate. The best part of it, can taste it too!

      Not located in Barcelona, but an easy train or car journey away you find the attraction park that includes everything from Sesame street rides to other thrilling rides. PortAventura theme park is a park for every age with the fastest and tallest ride in Europe!

      Another must see for kids is The Tibidabo amusement park. A fun park on top of the Tibidabo mountain. With a magical carousel and 25 thrilling rides where you get an incredible view. Do not forget to visit the Sagrat Cor Cathedral and take stunning pictures of the Barcelona from above.

      The zoo is one of the activities that all children like to go. The Barcelona Zoo has 2,000 animals from around 300 different species. It's located very centrally in the middle of the city in the Ciutadella Park. 

      Last but not least. A great thing to go to with kids is the Miniature Catalonia Park. Your kids will be able to touch the peaks of the Sagrada and can climb on the gingerbread houses from Park Guell. The whole park has endless fantastic photo opportunities. It’s basically like a kid’s indoor playground in Barcelona!

      Things To Do In Barcelona For Halloween

      Halloween Barcelona

      Halloween Picnic for all ages
      Organise a scary picnic under the trees for you and your friends. With spooky details and scary skeletons. Be surrounded by the cobwebs and eyeballs. While enjoying a spooky drink with the spiders on your plate. For bookings contact:

      Halloween clubs in Barcelona
      For all the party people in Barcelona that are looking for a spooky night there are many night clubs in the city that celebrate Halloween. Some of the most popular Halloween parties are in Opium Mar, Shoko, Sala Apolo and Monasterio. Disco Inferno at La Terrazza is often the closing party of the spooky season. Pacha Barcelona, Xceed HQ, and INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club also offer Halloween events.

      Poble Español for the little ones
      One of the top Halloween activities for kids is Poble Español. This small city has completely turned into a spooky and scary city centre for children and adults. The streets are decorated with skeletons, skulls, pumpkins and you might bump into one of the scary characters that walk around in the small streets. 
      There are many activities you can visit such as: family shows with a special theme, costume contests, photo calls for a special memory, themed handcraft workshops run by artisans and many more fun things! And last but not least you can go to the tunnel of terror in Poble Espanyol, a 140 meter spooky fest. If you like to get scared and if you are not afraid of anything this is the best place to go to for young and old.

      Cemeteries in Barcelona
      For those who love the darker side of Halloween you can check one of Barcelona’s many cemeteries. You can go the the Poble Nou Cemetery or Barcelona’s biggest one on the side of Montjuic. If you want to go inside of the Montjuic Cemetery Museum you must go on the 1st of November. You can visit the museum for free. They open their doors in honor of All Saints Day.

      Turó Park Trick & Treat
      In the last edition of the trick & treat event during Halloween in Turó Park almost 600 kids attended. It's one of the most fun events in town for kids (and also for parents). The whole neighbourhood including all the shops and other businesses near Turó Park will hand out sweets to the children during this night. You will find many kids running around in costumes collecting treats in their little pumpkin bags. 

      House Party

      If you are brave enough to organise a party yourself at home you can always contact us to give you a little hand with the decoration. We have decorated Halloween food tables and a unique Halloween drink wall with orange & green cava with spiders and eyeballs.......

      Halloween Barcelona Events 


      Together we can do more!

      Together we can do more!

      At Straws ’n Berries we love to work together with other local startups or small companies. In this way we can also give you something extra for the perfect picnic for your birthday, bachelorette party or girls night. But who are the companies we work with? We would love to tell you more about them.


      Born Rosé

      Born Rosé is a company that makes delicious rosé. They think that the world of wine should be more laid-back and fun. That’s why they created a different and new brand in El Born, Barcelona. The brand Born Rosé is inspired by the international movement of the rosé of the French Provence, the West coast of the United States, Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom. The rosé of Born Rosé is a reflection and inspiration of the Barcelona lifestyle. The city is light and has an open character. That’s why the rosé is fresh, light and easy to drink and perfect to add to your picnic in the sun!



      Casa de Pastel

      Casa de Pastel makes beautiful cakes and sweets in our studio in Poble Nou. The company was founded by a Dutchy, Lauren who learnt her skills at a pastry school in London and loves nothing more than creating extravagant and funky cakes.
      The cakes she makes are for all kinds of events such as birthdays, baby showers, kids’ parties and weddings. You can customize your cake via the cake shop, and she will create the cake that you wished for. In this way you can make your picnic party in Barcelona even more special. It’s also possible to follow one of her physical workshops or grow as a baker though the online pastry school.



      La femme floral

      How could you better celebrate spring than with flowers? At La femme floral you can find very pretty flower bouquets. They really give you that extra glam to your picnic.  La Femme floral makes all kinds of different flower bouquets. In this way there will always be something that you love!
      Frida moved to Barcelona over 10 years ago and in 2020 made her dream her job! By opening her own shop in the heart of El Born, she always makes bouquets that perfectly match our picnics.


      Where to stay during your trip to BARCELONA

      Where to stay during your trip to BARCELONA

      As we all know, Barcelona is a beautiful city and has something for everyone. With over 1.6 million inhabitants, Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Europe. The capital of Catalonia is filled with different neighbourhoods, which all offer their different and unique characteristics. This city has something for everyone and for every kind of trip. Coming for a romantic trip to Barcelona? Or coming with all your besties for a hen party in Barcelona? This city has it all for you. Whether you are looking for a stay in a hip neighbourhood as El Born, a more elegant neighbourhood as Eixample or an upcoming and cool neighbourhood as Poblenou, or something else, let’s just dive right into where you should stay during your time in Barcelona.



      Barceloneta definitely has two different sides, which both have their own charms. In the dark and narrow streets of the old fishermen’s quarter, you can still have the feeling of a small village. You can hear the old ladies yell to each other from their balconies and see the old men sitting next to their doorsteps with each other. As you can imagine this gives quite a romantic atmosphere, so this is a pretty perfect area to stay during a romantic trip in Barcelona. However, not far from this village-like-feeling part of Barceloneta, you find the cosmopolitan and tourism-driven part with bars and cafés blasting loud music day and night. As you can imagine here, this part of Barceloneta is definitely amazing to stay during your hen party in Barcelona. The beach is obviously the biggest attraction in Barceloneta, but there is more! The aquarium, which is the biggest one in Europe, is great for families. Another cool thing to do in Barceloneta is take the Cable Car to the mountain Montjuïc. The Cable Car stands in Barceloneta and cannot be missed.


      El Born

      In the 13th and 14th century when Barcelona started growing due to the trade of the fishermen, El Born was the first extension of the city. The narrow web of streets scattered around the old church of Santa Maria del Mar are also a part of El Born. Hidden down backstreets, some of the coolest spots of the city are located. Here you can find trendy coffee shops, hipster barbers and hip concept stores. All of the above are interspersed with small art galleries and boutique shops. In the middle of all this you can find Passeig del Born, another lively spot. Passeig del Born is lined with different sorts of bars, ideal for a nice cocktail, beer or vermouth.

      However, Born is not just about its nightlife. In Carrer de Montcada you can find one of the three Picasso Museums, a museum totally devoted to the work of Pablo Picasso. So, El Born is actually just a great place to stay during any trip to Barcelona, whether you are celebrating your hen party in Barcelona or having a romantic trip to Barcelona.



      One of the biggest and maybe even the most known district of Barcelona is Eixample. This neighbourhood is located in the city centre and offers a lot. Its elegant, upmarket and very luxurious. Here you can find all the designer stores, luxurious hotels and fine-dining restaurants.

      This elegant neighbourhood is also the home of some of Gaudi’s most famous works, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila and La Sagrada Familia. Passeig de Gracia is the heart of Eixample and this is also the shopping street for all the luxurious and expensive lovers. You can find all international designer stores you can wish for here.

      When it comes to upmarket restaurants, Eixample is also definitely where you should be looking. One of my personal favourites, which I would absolutely recommend is Can Framis Café Bistrot, near the Arc the Triomph. Their great asparagus and black truffle risotto are definitely worth the try. So, as you probably start to realise, Eixample is surely one of the neighbourhoods you should go to. Coming for a luxurious romantic getaway to Barcelona? This is your neighbourhood!


      Gotic Quarter

      The Gotic Quarter, which covers everything from Via Laietana to La Rambla, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Barcelona, partly surrounded by the old city walls and filled with ancient Roman remnants and medieval buildings; it’s also home to Barcelona Cathedral. Gotic is certainly a neighbourhood of contrasts. You are very likely to find an old building next to a modern house or store, this mix of old and new makes people from all over the world want to stay in Gotic.

      The narrow and winding streets of Gotic almost makes it some sort of labyrinth, which could make that it will take you a little while before you get to know the way here. However, getting lost in all of Gotic’s beautiful small streets is way more fun than going to your destination right away. One of the most important places in Gotic is the Barcelona Cathedral, right in the middle of this district. The cathedral has a gorgeous courtyard with plants, and you’d never guess it, gooses.

      The most famous boulevard of Barcelona which we’ve probably all have heard of before, is Las Ramblas, but one tip, watch all of your belongings when you are walking here! Pickpockets also love Las Ramblas. Besides this, Las Ramblas is absolutely worth a stroll. When on Las Ramblas, don’t forget to stop by La Boqueria. This indoor market has all the Spanish delicatessens you can ever wish for and is 100% a place you should have been during your stay in Barcelona.


      Elegant Gracia is known for its 19th-century boulevards, pedestrian lanes lined with indie boutiques, galleries, and arthouse cinemas. Cool Catalan bistros and wine bars surround the landmark clock tower at Plaça de la Vila de Gracia. Antoni Gaudi’s artistic architecture marks the area, from neo-Moorish mansion Casa Vicens to the fantastical, mosaic-covered estate at Parc Güell, on a hillside above the city.The area is perfect for those who want something a little bit different, those who perhaps have been to Barcelona before and want a different touristic experience. Although really, because central Barcelona is so easily accessible from Gracia it is suitable for everyone. One of the best features of Gracia is that there are not so many tourists, so you feel like you've discovered something a bit new and diverse. Shopping is also good in Gracia, where new, arty boutiques stand next to traditional Spanish stores. So after this, it is easy to say Gracia would be a great neighbourhood for any trip to Barcelona, but especially for the ones who want to sit a different part of Barcelona.



      The neighbourhood Poblenou is actually a former factory district, before the industrial revolution Poblenou used to be wasteland and swamp area. The textile industry caused an enormous influx of new inhabitants, the factory workers. The living conditions were shockingly bad which resulted in all sorts of protest and a revolution. People became homeless and drug problems started to arise with loads of young people. Eventually, the Olympic Games turned out to be the big turnaround for all of these problems. Empty factories were demolished or converted to accommodate cultural and sports centres and lofts for artists. A modern metro line provided a fast connection to the centre and the Rambla del Poblenou received a facelift. This gave Poblenou the boost it deserved. Nowadays, Poblenou has slowly been growing into one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, popular with hipsters and start-ups. While the lower part of the neighbourhood, close to the sea, has remained quite traditional, it’s the upper region near the colourful Torre Glòries that has changed the most. Here, old warehouses have been transformed into creative offices and co-working spaces, modern galleries, craft beer breweries and concept stores. If you love Instagrammable space, quality coffee, brunch places and vintage markets, you’ll love Poblenou. So, for your hen party in Barcelona, or a friends’ trip to Barcelona, the hip places in Poblenou, in combination with the beach, will be the perfect place for you!


      Poble sec

      Between Avenue de Parallel and the mountain Montjuïc, the safe and residential neighbourhood named Poble Sec is located. Our biggest recommendation here is Carrer de Blai. On Carrer de Blai you can find bar after bar offering pintxos. This is how it works; you enter one of the bars, order the pintxos of your preference and afterwards you pay for the little sticks that come with your pintxos. Pintxos are small one bites, typically served on bread. Definitely worth a try as well! This food experience is absolutely one you should try when in you’re visiting Barcelona!


      We really hoped that we were able to give you some insight into all of the neighbourhoods of Barcelona, and that you are now sure where to stay during you hen party in Barcelona or your romantic trip to Barcelona! We also hope to see you when you come to visit <3







      We LOVE love and were all here for romantic getaways. And you know what a great place is to spend a romantic holiday with your lover, you guessed it…. MARBELLA. Which is why we want to tell you all about the cutest and most romantic date ideas in Marbella, for you to surprise your lover and have the most romantic getaway ever. Of course, a romantic picnic in Marbella is already an amazing date idea, but we want to tell you some more romantic ideas. So, keep reading for all the date ideas to make your holiday to Marbella perfect.


      1. A romantic beach picnic

      Kind off speaks for itself, right? Have you not seen all of the romantic picnics on our Instagram? Imagine that on one of the gorgeous beaches of Marbella. PERFECT! So, a romantic picnic in Marbella should definitely be on your lists of activities.


      1. Beach walk during sunset

      Just imagine, you’ve just finished your romantic beach picnic on one of the beautiful beaches of Marbella, and now the sun starts setting, and you and your lover take a romantic stroll along the coast. Who does not want that, right?


      1. Getting lost in the small streets of Marbella Old Town

      Old Town Marbella sounds like everything an old town should be: narrow streets, windowsills bursting with blooms., just the feeling of the simple pleasures in life. Start in Plaza de los Naranjos and explore the rest from there. Strolling around this charming Old Town is definitely a very romantic thing to do. After exploring, sit and enjoy some Andalusian wine in the square and watch the day go by.


      1. Horse riding over the beach of Marbella

      O M G… Also speaks for itself, right? How romantic would it be for you and your lover to be horse riding during sunset, over the stunning beaches of Marbella. Sounds pretty romantic to us. The Stables Estepona offers everything you need!


      1. Sail away on a luxurious yacht

      There’s nothing as luxurious as hanging out on your own private yacht. We’ve always wanted to explore by boat, and Marbella seems like the perfect place to charter a vessel. There are options for sailing boats, power boats, and catamarans, and the various yacht charter companies such as Nautica Marbella, offer all kinds of luxury features and upgrades. We’re picturing watching the sunset over the water with a delicious cocktail in our hands. Sigh….


      1. Explore the exciting nightlife of Marbella

      A romantic holiday involves a lot of time spent just the two of you, but in the evenings, it’s time to get out and explore the thrills outside your hotel room! Marbella has a lot to offer in the way of nightlife. You can certainly go dancing at one of the many clubs, and Puerto Banus is a huge party spot, but be sure to make time to attend a traditional flamenco show as well!


      1. Explore Marbella in a different way from a helicopter tour

      One of the coolest things to do near Marbella is to take a helicopter tour. Not only is riding in a helicopter seriously fun, you’ll see the Costa del Sol from an entirely new angle. The spectacular water and beaches look amazing from above, plus, this is a unique and special experience…. Exactly what a romantic trip deserves.


      1. Get pampered in a spa or at an Arabic hammam

       Of course, when you’re on a romantic getaway with your lover there is no stress in sight ;). But you don’t need to be stressed to have an excuse to go to the spa! Enjoy a delicious and relaxing day with you hubby in one of the beautiful spas or Arabic baths Marbella has to offer.


      1. Wine tasting tour to Ronda

      A wine tasting tour on a vineyard in Ronda is a nice surprise. The trip also offers excellent mountain scenery and a strong contrast to the coast. Many tour operators offer wine tasting routes, including transport.


      We hoped to have given you an idea of what you and your lover can do in Marbella for your romantic getaway, and maybe now you have an excuse to finally go there. We hope to see you for a beautiful picnic in Marbella! <3