BARCELONA – Page 3 – Straws 'n Berries Picnics
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      How to organise a baby shower in Barcelona...

      Babyshower Barcelona

      In Barcelona more and more baby showers are being organised where the "mommy to be" is put at the center of attention and where the pink and blue party items are an absolute must. In this blog, you can read everything you need to know about how to organise a baby shower in Barcelona....For more info you can contact us at

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      Is Barcelona the best place for a hen party?

      Hen Party Barcelona

      Well, Barcelona for sure is an amazing place to go, and when organising a hen party - yes I know this can be very stressful - the more help you can get the better! 

      For hen parties you usually have a group of girls that don’t necessarily all know each other, therefore it's not an easy but super fun task for the hen party planner.

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      Elopement weddings in Barcelona

      Elopement weddings in Barcelona
      Elopement weddings are becoming more popular! Barcelona is the perfect place to have an intimate and private wedding. In this blog, you will read how an elopement wedding is different than a "normal" wedding and who is organising this in Barcelona. For more info contact us at:

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      Five simple things to do while it rains in Barcelona

      Hen Party Picnic Barcelona

      Barcelona is lucky enough to have around 2,524 hours of sunshine every year! But, like most hot climates, when the rain comes it REALLY pours. 

      We’ve compiled our 5 Simple Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Barcelona. 


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