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      Are you coming to Barcelona with all of your besties to celebrate your hen party, and still looking for the most fun activities to do during your time here? We get it, Barcelona offers a lot of fun activities and the search can take long. But you don’t have to look any further, we have it all summed up for you! Here you can find a list of the funniest and most exciting activities in Barcelona for you and your BFF’s.


      1. Bike tours

      We can’t advice you a better way to discover the city than with a bike tour. Cycle trough all the best neighborhoods in Barcelona and get a taste of all the most beautiful places the city offers. For the Dutchies between us we suggest Bajabikes, who offer Dutch guides. For the English speakers, we suggest you book with Cruisingbarcelona for the best tours!


      1. Treasure hunts

      Are you looking for a fun and exciting treasure hunt to discover Barcelona? Challenge your friends while wandering the narrow streets of the city center of Barcelona. Combine your treasure hunt with a picnic in the park or split your group into smaller teams and race each other to the secret location! And the best part, the Bachelorette or Bachelor gets €30,- discount! Sooo, gather your friends for an amazing treasure hunt by Xventura through Barcelona!


      1. Enjoy the beach or have a private boat trip

      If your bachelorette party in Barcelona will take place during the sunny summer months, head to one of the world-famous beaches! Everyone knows and loves Barceloneta, but for a more exclusive experience, check out a nearby, lesser-known beach to get away from the crowds. The Costa Brava is dotted with so many amazing beaches most tourists have never even heard of. Grab your sunscreen and towels and get ready for a day of fun in the sun!


      Looking for an even more luxurious experience? Consider a private sailing experience around Barcelona’s harbour. Check out our website for an amazing all-inclusive boat trip! What is a better way to already work on your wedding tan ;)


      1. Life drawing

      Looking for a more creative activity? Check out @lifedrawingbarcelona, for a live drawing practice. During the lesson you will be able to draw a nude model, for which absolutely no experience is needed! You will be able to explore your creative side.


      1. Cocktail workshop

      Looking to top up your bartender skills? Or just a fun activity that involves alcohol? Bartender courses are all the hype these days, and we couldn't stay behind….

      We offer a cocktail workshop to learn how to make your favourite cocktail, have lovely picture opportunities AND a delicious food platter! Check out our website for more information.


      1. Pole dancing class

      If there is one event where girls should get frisky, it´s at a hen party. What better occasion to let your wild side shine through with a sexy pole dancing class? There are a number of venues where you can go to pole dance with your friends, including Pole Dance FactoryOnair BarcelonaFeeling Woman Pole Dance/Sport, and Pole Dance BCN


      1. GoCar Hen Tour

      Imagine you and your friends all driving in ridiculous yellow mini cars through the city, honking at everyone and everything. Is that not the funniest thing ever? GoCar offers special Hen and Stag parties, for only 35,- per person. Check out their website for this very entertaining activity!


      1. Paella cooking class

       Barcelona knows numerous cooking classes, but the one which we advise you most is to try and get yourself a paella cooking class. You will be learning how to cook Spain’s most iconic dish, from start to finish. You’ll go to Barcelona’s legendary Boqueria food market where you shop for the ingredients that you need to make the perfect paella. After that your local chef will help you reach culinary nirvana in the kitchen. 


      1. Flamenco dance class

      Flamenco is a flamboyant form of artistry; a combination of dance, music and song.  Explore and experience the passion and emotion of this unique dance style for yourself with an experienced Flamenco instructor. Feel prepared for an amazing Barcelona flamenco night after this class!


      1. Wine and cheese tasting

      Catalonia has 12 dedicated wine regions, so it would be simply rude not to stop and appreciate some of region’s finest local produce. Discover Catalonia’s unique wine styles and signature cheeses on a tasting, learn the combinations of flavors and scents that yield the perfect pairing and ask your sommelier as many questions as you like. Who is in ;)


      After all of these activities, a nicely organized picnic to chill out and enjoy some more food and drinks is of course always welcome. Sooo, also don’t forget to check out our website for the nicest picnics.


      We hoped we gave you some good and exiting ideas for your Hen Party, and we can’t wait to see you when you’re in town!