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      News — Birthday

      How to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona

      How to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona


      Would you like to celebrate your birthday in beautiful Barcelona? And would you like to do this in a special way, with nice extras and fun activities? But yes, Barcelona has so much to offer that we can imagine that you don't really know what to do and especially where to do it. That's why we have listed a number of fun activities and services to give you a little more inspiration.


      Escape room

      An escape room is an activity you do in a team, where you’ll get a limited amount of time, to solve a mystery. The perfect activity of course for your birthday in Barcelona, or as a teambuilding activity at a bachelorette in Barcelona! You can solve this mystery using puzzles and riddles. The door of the area will be locked and then it's a race against time to escape from the area as quickly as possible. To escape from that area, you will be given various clues, which will help you step by step towards the final key or code. The time you’ll get for solving the mystery is usually an hour but can also be longer.

       Getting out of an escape room is a big challenge, because it requires you to think carefully and work in a team. How nice is it to do an escape room as a bachelor party in Barcelona and then combine it with a picnic at Straws'n Berries? Or if you celebrate your birthday in Barcelona?

      Here you’ll find the best rated escape rooms in the city, so success is guaranteed!


      Bar hopping 

      Go bar hopping!Check out our previous blog post for the best cocktail bars.


      Birthday picnic

      The best and maybe even the most original way to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona, is to do that with a picnic. You can book this picnic at Straws ‘n Berries. We listen to all your wishes! Whether you’re a vegetarian, eat gluten free, want your picnic in you fave colours or want to celebrate it on a special location, everything is possible! We make sure that everything is ready when you come to your birthday picnic and the only thing you have to do is to enjoy. Because of covid it’s, sadly, not allowed to meet up with more than 10 people. But, we can unsure you that we despite that make a party out of it!


      Luxury boat trip 

      Cruiser Co Barcelona is a new company in Barcelona. At Cruiser Co you can rent a luxury boat, with a skipper, that will show you the beautiful coast of Barcelona. The water of the Mediterranean Sea is super blue, so looks attractive to swim in, which is possible of course. How cool is it to see the sun go down and the horizon turn orange while sailing?! A super experience and a very good way to celebrate your birthday in Barcelona. Check out their Instagram for more information 


      High tea picnic at strawsnberries

      Do you want to enjoy a real English high tea with some of your best friends, in the form of a picnic? Then think about a high tea picnic party in Barcelona! We'll take care of the real English tea, scones with clotted cream, sandwiches, cakes and even cava if you like! And all this at one of the most beautiful locations in Barcelona. Think of the beach, or in a quieter place like the Turó park. But you could also book it if you want to surprise your best friend for her birthday, how fun is that?!



      Of course, your birthday isn't complete without a cake. Did you know that we work together with Casa de Pastel? She turns cakes into a real work of art, which makes it almost a shame to eat the cake. Not in the mood for a cake? The cakepops and brownies are not to be missed. Check out the Instagram of Casa de Pastel for the most beautiful cakes. (At your own risk, because you want everything)