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      News — Cocktails

      It's cocktail 'o clock!

      It's cocktail 'o clock!

      At Straws 'n Berries we love working with other (small) companies in and around Barcelona. Are you celebrating your birthday, a bachelor party or simply a girls' night? We would like to introduce you to a new company we work with; The Corsican Bartender, who host the nicest cocktail workshop in Barcelona!

      The Corsican Bartender comes to you on location, for example at your home, but can also hosts the cocktail workshop at the Straws 'n Berries office. During this two-hour cocktail workshop you will learn how to make three different cocktails, which you can also choose yourself. The bartender will show the group how the chosen cocktails are put together and afterwards you can even make them yourself, how cool! He will also tell you all sorts of things about the cocktails during the cocktail workshop, such as fun facts. During the cocktail workshop, you can enjoy the food from the food platter we will set up for the group. After the three cocktails, there will be time for a special shot and there will be a prize to win. But we'll keep that a secret for a little while longer ;)

      This cocktail workshop in Barcelona is not only fun to do yourself, but also to give as a gift or to surprise someone with! Are you as enthusiastic as we are? Then book The Corsican Bartender for an amazing cocktail workshop in Barcelona and have a super fun evening!!